Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short Story Part 1

Short Story (no point):
The summer set on Albert. Set too fast. He had so many things to do and it just got away from him. Or at least these were his thoughts, which usually disagreed with reality, but Albert was anything if not contrary to plain facts. He often thought his name had been a source of his lack veracity. Mostly it was his lack of imagination, 30 favorite TV shows, and addiction to twinkies that were the cause. After all, Albert was a name attached to the most brilliant man in the last 200 years, and Albert bore no relation to him in family or character. But Albert was good at accepting defeat, and steadily moving along. And he loved his twinkie runs thanks to his 1982 El Camino he dubbed "charlie". It was one of these such twinkie runs that Albert inadvertantly change his luck, found life exciting, and rewrote the underlying ideas that humans ranked among the least evolved, plant-commanding life forces in the local solar system. Oh, and that we are alone in the said solar system.

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  1. Sounds like a promising story, can't wait for the second installment.